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our expertise

Perception has been at the forefront of Design revolution. Since our inception 16 years ago, we have designed immersive, cinematic experiences for various industries; including Automotive, Aerospace, Cyber Security, Feature Films and various Technology companies.


Perception's Sensory Design methodology embodies the basic principles of how users 'experience' world around them - using 5 senses! Designing experiences to ignite your senses is what we do best.


We continue to partner with many of our Fortune 500 clients to help them in their transformative journey and create meaningful lasting relationships with consumers.


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how we think

Innovative design and next gen thinking doesn’t just happen. Yes, we have brilliant innovators – our unique team of design thinkers, analysts and artists are the heart of what we do. But they are enabled by a team of producers and project managers, and a methodology that guides both our visioning explorations and our collaboration with you.


The Perception process is both iterative and organic, allowing the team to experiment, prototype, fail fast, and ultimately uncover the solution to your specific creative challenge. From face-to-face kick offs, all the way through final delivery, our two teams merge into one collaborative unit.


The result is an effective and engaging solution to your immediate and future business needs. For a deeper dive on building successful collaborations, read our thoughts here.

  • discover

    We begin by exploring the exact needs of the project. This requires us to spend time with you. Discovery is a collaborative effort - we guide the process, you provide the subject matter expertise, and we work together to articulate the journey we are about to take. We use analytical techniques, Design Thinking and unlimited experience in the pursuit of clearly defining what problem we are solving, and what defines a successful outcome.


    Once discovery is finished we move into the next phase where we start the design and exploration phase.

  • design

    Knowing what challenge we are faced with we begin to explore solutions using our design methodology. We create a design structure with our design and UX team, we then craft style frames, build animations and mock prototypes. This is where art meets architecture, magic meets science, reality meets Perception. Envisioning is an art and a craft. It’s what we do best: Imagining the future, bringing it to the present. Our design architects and artists have that uncanny ability, to look ahead and bring the future of UI to the here and now. With the solution established we begin to further explore the ideas while our technical team starts to bring it to life.

  • develop

    During this phase we build but we continue to design for specific use cases or adjust as necessary based on the feedback from the development team. We continue to evolve the solution until it is fully envisioned, our team of artists and engineers execute on the design. We develop the artifacts, products and animations necessary to realize our collaborative visualization. We work with cutting edge technologies and design techniques, to deliver end results that are advanced, and visually engaging. We also go through a rigorous testing and QA stage to make sure the solution we imagined in the first phase is coming to life.

  • deliver

    Once we have complete confidence in our solution and it has found its “soul”, we deliver it to our client. Our final delivery is a precision process - we provide a fully functional solution that works in your environment - on budget, on schedule, and on target. Concepts and imagination set us apart, but what really matters is the tangible benefit our clients realize from the work we do for them. We partner with our client and oversee the project as consultants and are available to them for maintenance and upgrades in the future.

Perception's design is dually focused on both feature film technology visualization & next generation user experience for the world's most innovative companies. We function as strategic design advisors, visionary ideation consultants and architects of the future.


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