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Data visualization is perceived by many as a modern equivalent of visual communication. It involves the study, creation and proper portrayal of information. Multitudes of material not architected with a proper structure (or storyline) is deemed meaningless. Our proficient storytelling skills combined with our cinematic expertise in data expression showcase complicated information through meaningful visualization methods that guide the user.

guiding focus and uncovering insights

The abundance of data leads to an overwhelming and frustrating experience for most of the clients who seek our guidance. Our workshops help guide the focus and advance important information to the front. We use our Relevance Remapping™ to help the visual literacy of the information.  This Relevance Remapping™ process helps to uncover insights and objectives our clients didn’t even know existed which connect further data points along the way.

mapping the future of information design

Once we have recognized the statistical story that needs to be told we begin to map all the different information by designing the visuals needed to make the story even cleaner and concise for easy understanding. We follow Tufte’s principles on “data-ink ratio” and his argument against using excessive decoration in visual displays of quantitative information. These design principles accompanied with our user experience begin the journey of helping the viewer fully understand complex information, while visually stimulating the senses.

Perception's design is dually focused on both feature film technology visualization & next generation user experience for the world's most innovative companies. We function as strategic design advisors, visionary ideation consultants and architects of the future.


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future tech for film |

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