While we were in production with different scenes throughout the film (See Captain America: The Winter Soldier Case Study) Marvel asked us to help them tell the story for a climactic 3 minute sequence within the film. We needed to  tell the story of how Hydra’s impact on 20th century crisis infiltrating world governments, creating planetary chaos and controlling the mind of a super assassin (Winter Soldier) to use at will.

early concepts

doctoring history

We found clips and stock imagery from around the world. Once it was legally cleared we “doctored” the imagery to tell the story of the hydra chaos and infiltration to countries across the globe. If you look close you will find Arnim Zola as a young scientist.


Using different imagery that didn’t need manipulation we decided to redact and mark (with red ink) the implication of corruption throughout the world, all at Hydra’s doing.


making connections

Getting deeper into the story we started to guide the viewer by making connections to specific moments or personnel, as if they were helping a detective forensically connect the dots to a global coup.

revealing the soldier

Within the sequence we needed to place moments where The Winter Soldier "may or may not" have been seen. These glimpses gave more insight as to how Hydra was to gain global control and anyone who did not join willingly would feel the wrath of this master assassin.

metamorphosis—S.h.i.e.l.d. becomes hydra

We needed to show how even the mighty S.H.I.E.L.D. would be unaware of the Hydra tentacles reaching deep inside its own organization.


crafting the story

Once all our doctored imagery and archival clips were ready we researched all the film footage Marvel provided to insert shots of past movies like the the First Avenger: Captain America. Once we had all the storyline pieces in place we put together the construction and domination of Hydras worldwide infiltration!


designing the details

These are some of the designs detailing specific timelines and characters revealed within this Hydra montage.


final sequence

Here is the full sequence revealing the corruption and chaos that Hydra ushered into the world in their objective for full planetary domination.



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