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new interactive paradigms

We’ve been honored to collaborate on cutting edge technologies that explore brand new interactive paradigms. Our partnerships have included investigations as diverse as haptic technology to gestural navigation to gaze tracking. We've even been leading some explorations into emotion recognition, allowing a smart home device or automobile to understand and react to the current mood of its users.

crafting immersive experiences with spatial ux

We’ve conceptualized both real world and futuristic experiences that are architected around spatial modalities, and built upon new gestural languages we have built from the ground up. From informative smart screens in public areas to Smart TVs in the home, our expertise in crafting a fluid user experience with gesture control, haptic feedback and other natural inputs have been inspiring users around the world. The beauty of a spatial interface is the immersive and cinematic qualities it brings to the user's experience, breaking through the boundaries of typical two dimensional rectangular screens, into brand new expanses of delight.

rethinking the “lean back” experience

The notion of a “lean back” experience when watching TV at home can be enhanced by making it easier and more natural interacting with the technology, to elevate the overall pleasure of viewing. We’ve also explored numerous use case applications of the TV screen to go far beyond just watching your favorite broadcast. We have reimagined the screen as a framed canvas on your wall to display everything from art to family imagery to even becoming the central hub of your smart home that can be a true AI assistant. UX explorations like these have taken antiquated notions of the 'tube' into the future of feature home entertainment and creating new paradigms of the central gathering place for the family of tomorrow.

Perception's design is dually focused on both feature film technology visualization & next generation user experience for the world's most innovative companies. We function as strategic design advisors, visionary ideation consultants and architects of the future.


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future tech for film |

concept design for next gen ui