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Since 2001 Perception has delivered over 1000 UI design and vfx projects for clients around the world. Our team fuses the skills of brand strategists, storytellers, design directors, creative strategists, technologists and interactive explorers to continually innovate and push the boundaries of endless possibilities. We live and breathe user experiences for forward thinking brands, and next level applications. We function as creative ideation consultants, strategic advisors, and UX architects of the future. Major technology brands engage us to be their futurist visionary partners, helping them plot the path forward by designing the user experiences of tomorrow.


In addition to our core group, we also leverage the Perception Portfolio™—an extended network of over 400 partners worldwide who deliver every possible skill needed to meet our client’s goals.


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Perception's design is dually focused on both feature film technology visualization & next generation user experience for the world's most innovative companies. We function as strategic design advisors, visionary ideation consultants and architects of the future.


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future tech for film |

concept design for next gen ui