visualizing the future

of user experience

Delightful future experiences can only be achieved with a strong foundation in technology. Our expertise in these industries comes from a deep understanding of how the technology works, its limitations and how far we can stretch the boundaries. For us its not always a software solution, its finding a way to maximize the creativity, design and cinematic quality surrounding the software. From super cars to rocket ships, we’ve been fortunate enough to work in a wide variety of industries (see below).

Our expertise in guiding our clients to envision a road map of the future highlights our focus in the research and dedication for their specific challenge for today and beyond. No matter the industry they all have one significant design challenge - “How can we make this look better and create a unique experience for our users”? Take a look at some of our work throughout these industries and see how we answered the challenge..

flight simulators to rocket ships


supercar gauge clusters to autonomous experiences



threats + preventing attacks


telling a story
with data


next gen operating systems to crafting moments of delight


interactive  paradigms + on- screen menus


Perception's design is dually focused on both feature film technology visualization & next generation user experience for the world's most innovative companies. We function as strategic design advisors, visionary ideation consultants and architects of the future.


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visualizing the futureof user experience

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